Carnfield Wood

We are working with the woodland commission to restore and preserve the woodland at Carnfield. This involves removing approx 10 acres worth of trees; mostly the invasive species such as rhodedenrons and birch, which will allow some of the more ancient, native species such as yew, oak, ash, poplar, walnut to thrive. This is a carefully designed operation, which opens the canopays, allowing enough light in for each of the layers of the woodland to develop – grass, bushes and tree tops, encouraging an optimum amount of wildlife. The project we have signed into runs for 125 years, and is managed with great precision to protect both the woodland and its inhabitants, maximising the potential for it to ultimately be self sustaining.

Graham, Heidi, Tom and the Estate Team formally invite walkers and their dogs to apply for registration to have access to the woods.
We’re looking to create a community of like minded, responsible individuals to become Friends of Carnfield Wood (FOCW) and to share in it’s current glory, future restoration and management.

At times, works will be taking place in the woods. Areas shall be clearly cordoned off and During these periods, no admittance is allowed, under any circumstances, as your safety may be compromised.
This information will be available from the main entrance points to the wood and our website.

At no time, is access granted to any of the fields.

Anyone accessing the land must leave gates exactly as they have been found. We have cattle and grazing is carefully managed.

There is a £5 annual membership to register with Friends of the Wood. This is just to cover the admin costs.

Those using the Canine Hydrotherapy suite at Carnfield can have a day pass to the woodland which can be collected free of charge from the Hydrotherapy centre. Only those who register will be allowed to use the woods. Guests of  FOCW will be allowed to walk with registered walkers.

Registered walkers will be issued passes and must carry them at all times whilst in the woods.

Any dogs walked must be micro-chipped and chip readers will be used to confirm identity.

We ask that if you see any litter, you help us collect it.

We have a stick and flick policy with dog poo- please just make sure it’s not on a pathway.

if you see any concerning behavior in the woods (fires/motorcyclists) please notify the authorities, then contact us on 07810741306.

Hope you enjoy the woods!

To join or renew your membership, please click Here